Thai Body Massage

Thai massage is a type of massage in Thai style that involves stretching and deep massage. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor, and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement. No oils are used in Thai massage.

The massage recipient changes into loose, comfortable clothes and lies on a mat or firm mattress on the floor. The receiver is put into many yoga-like positions during the course of massage

Massage generally follows the line in the body. Massage usually starts with the back and legs at first. Then pull your fingers, toes, ears and move the staff to various positions in your body. Shiatsu and stretching are effective below.

  • Tiredness recovery
  • blood circulation promotion
  • Improve lymph flow, improve swelling
  • Stress relief
  • Balance autonomic nerves
  • Increase immunity
  • There is a rejuvenating effect