Hot Stone Massage

When the hot stones are placed in the back, they hold heat and penetrate deep into the muscles, releasing the tension, and the temperature of the stones is increased by the warmth of the stones. This is a very high – quality mask that can be directly felt and is effective in resolving cold symptoms.

  • Fatigue recovery
  • Blood line promotion
  • Improving the flow of the librarian, improving the complexity
  • Resolving the Stress
  • Relaxing is possible
  • Improve autonomic nervous balance
  • Relieving insomnia
  • Summer solution
  • Increase immunity
  • Has a positive effect
    If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or if you are taking medications to thin your blood, do not worry about hotstarts, or if you are pregnant or sunburned , You should not receive a hot – spot massage, but if you are in the menopause, you may not be able to get a hot flush, so consult your doctor before treatment.