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All our services are purpose made for clients of all sizes and shapes. Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage is your ultimate guide to wise spending in massage that is designed for your relaxation and comfort.

We are passionate about what goes into our services. We take care as much about your expectations and tailor a good massage session for you.

We are NC2 licensed and trained healthcare professionals who offer a variety of modalities including Swedish, Aroma Therapy, Hot Oil, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, Ventosa with massage, Thai Foot & Thai Body Massage.

The Birth of Nuat Thai

The idea for Nuat Thai was born in 2012 (has inc.) 1st branch that we franchised One Acacia Place and was relocated at Nuat Thai Avagar Building-North Escario, Corner Molave Street Cebu City in 2016 . Massage is what we’re about and our clients range from people who just want to relax and unwind especially people recovering from injuries and debilitating physical conditions. Together with giving healthcare massage we have built a beautiful space to fine tune our own art of massage.

To find out more about us or to ask us any questions, please email at tinacristy_zue@yahoo.com / devilhasusan@yahoo.co.ph or get in touch with us . Just click on the Contact Us above and leave a message.

For more inquiries :
Telephone # (032) 415-3069
Mobile # (+63) 0922-4413-181 / 0921-6579-798

We Look Forward to Visitors

Narciso Pulgo

Designation: Sr Therapist

Narciso is 30 years of age, and his been a massage therapist since 2006. He is the most requested therapist in Ayala Avagar Branch. Narciso believes that " Being yourself is one of the hardest things because it's scary. You always wonder whether you'll be accepted for who you really are. I decided to call my record ' inside out ' because for me that's story about life. I don't think you ever succeed at trying to be anyone else but who u truly are. "

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Ma.Gerlie Segayo

Designation: Sr Therapist

Nuat Thai's Banilad branch most requested therapist is Ma. Gerlie Segayo. She's 34 years of age and has been a massage therapist since 2011 of August. She choose being a therapist because she have found no better way to do work that is meaningful and transformative for others and she love helping people to look at the variables that are affecting their behavior thoughts, emotions, and actions and helping them to respond in different ways. She never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what she wanted in her life.

Lutherly Yagonia

Designation: Sr Therapist

Lutherly Yagonia is the most requested therapist of Nuat Thai Streetscape branch. She's 23 years of age and currently living in Ma.Luisa Banilad, Cebu City. She has been a member of Nuat Thai Streetscape since November 2015 up to present. Lutherly believes that " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " She has the inspiration to work hard not just for herself but to dedicate her hard work to her family.



Designation: Sr Therapist

A person who receives customers to a spa and attends to their inquiries about services offered in the massage spa.
She is responsible as a front liner , Welcoming and greeting clients warmly, and ensuring that they feel Comfortable & happy on their visit
Ms. Ivy love her work she wants to meet different kinds of people
And attends to their needs.
She believes that to give a good services and make the customers fell happy that gives as a regular customer.